C&S PROSPRAY were approached by the Doncaster Frenchgate centre to restore & repaint a vintage VW beetle to stand on display inside the Frenchgate shopping centre as a vintage themed display to promote the centre, the vehicle came to us in a very poor condition with mostly poor second hand panels fitted to it, we carried out our professional process of repairing & respraying the beetle back to its original glory, finishing it in a periodic classic cream colour in our low bake spray oven.

Triumph spitfire bare shell restoration, all the rust is ground out then shotblasted to get in deeper before the rust treatment is applied, after all repairs are completed the shell is 2k primed & baked and flatted off ready for the 4 coats of triumph tartan red is applied, the whole shell then undergoes several hours of machine polishing, this car can be seen up & down the country in the classic car show scene.

We offer a wheel respray service which can give your alloys a refreshing facelift to bring them back to life!

Wheels painted in house of colour kandy apple red, prepared first & then painted in a course sliver ground coat before applying the kandy red with 2 coats of laquer, we have 15 years experience in painting kandys, flip peals & custom flake work.

Mini Restoration

Classic Car Collection

1970’s Mini

Enjoyable restoration of a classic and iconic British car.

  • Shell restoration
  • Full etch prime
  • 2k prime
  • 2k red & black
  • 2k roof & polish