Our customer first approached us with his 2002 Mk4 Astra SXI asking us about fully respraying his vehicle in two separate colours,

After we inspected the vehicle in the quotation stage of the job we pointed out any repairs to the customer and decided on a plan of action.

To begin we firstly stripped back the car to get a better view of the job in hand by removing panels from the vehicle and highlighting any points on the vehicle that will need repairing.

We agreed with the customer that the best place to start would be by cutting out both rear arches and welding in two brand new replacement arches to the vehicle.

The original ones were corroded beyond a point of repair and made more sense for them to be replaced using two brand new repairs panels.

After completing a few other repairs to the exterior of the vehicle and having the main visible sections of the body now taken care of,

We moved onto another request from the customer which was to underseal the under side of the vehicle,

So after using various cleaning and preparation methods to get the underside of the vehicle ready to receive underseal,

We checked for any underside corrosion before then coating the underside of the vehicle with underseal.

Now with both the outside of the vehicle and the underside of the vehicle ready to accept paint, we transfer the vehicle from our prep bay and into the paint booth,

This is then followed by a thorough cleaning using both solvent based and water based pre-clean to remove any contamination on the vehicle.


With the vehicle now free from any contamination, we can apply the black basecoat colour that the customer has chosen the top section of the vehicle to be.

After applying the basecoat the vehicle is then clear coated and baked to harden.

Once the vehicle has hardens it can then be flatted to remove any contamination and then re-prepared to accept paint.

Once the vehicle has been prepared to accept paint again, we then mask the vehicle to accept the lower section of  the vehicles colour.

After applying the customer choice of blue to the lower of the vehicle we then remove the masking and re-mask the vehicle so that we can clear coat the full vehicle as one.

This allows us to then later polish the vehicle so that the line where the black and blue colours meet around the vehicle cannot be felt by hand.

Now with the vehicle fully clear coated it can be removed from the paint booth and into our polishing area, here we flatted the vehicle to remove any contamination in the paintwork,

We also flatted away the “orange peal” as requested by the customer.

We now begin the reassembly process by carefully reinstalling all the parts on the vehicle carefully making sure not the mark the fresh paint.


With the vehicle fully reassembled we give the vehicle a clean inside and out to make sure any dirt or dust gathered while being in the workshop.

Once the vehicle is clean we can tell the customer their vehicle is ready to collect.