Puller panel repair system

We can straighten you out

Using our Powertec miracle puller panel repair system, our customers benefit from the following:

  • Reduces the need for panel replacement.
  • Speeds up the repair process and turns the repair around more quickly.
  • Minimises strip and refit.
  • Start job immediately without waiting for panels.
  • Handles steel.
  • Repairs trucks, light commercials and cars.
  • Keeps vehicle original.
  • Increase courtesy car utilisation.
  • Cleaner working environment.
  • Reduces waste and saves the environment.
  • Borderline write-offs become economical repairs.

C&S ProSpray in Doncaster offer a Bumper Repair service using the nitrogen welding process that comes with a lifetime warranty. Nitrogen welding creates the strongest welds possible because it eliminates oxidisation of the plastic during the welding process.

The nitrogen welding torch gets right into tight spots, making stronger welds than with any other method.

Particularly useful for repairing mounting tabs and flanges, which can be difficult to repair successfully using other methods, plus with nitrogen welding there is no material build-up. The repaired tab is as strong and flexible as it was before the damage.

With most repairs costing less then your Insurance excess, contact us today to arrange a FREE quote.

Here is a sample of what we can do correct your bumper problem.

5 series BMW

Successfully restored using Nitrogen Welding….

Paintwork Services

We take care for your vehicle


Every day, vehicles take a beating, every journey you take has its paintwork hazards, from stone chips and acidic bird presents to scuffs around the boot on the last trip to Ikea. Over the years your vehicle will start to look a little ‘worse for wear’ and there is only so much wax and paint restorer can do.

Our paint shop is well known for car paint repairs, from bumper scuffs and scratches to a full car respray or colour change. Our spray painting environment is insurance approved and we only use quality automotive paints and materials when working on any vehicle. All paintwork is professionally blended and then baked to ensure a first class finish, worthy of praise.


We can fine-tune your car

When the worst occurs and your vehicle is involved in an accident, our aim to take your problem away: from vehicle recovery, to vehicle repair right through to liaising with your insurance company.

When it comes to commercial vehicle accident repair we believe three things set us apart from the competition: the quality of our staff, our facility and our equipment.

We have developed our purpose built commercial vehicle accident repair facility over the last 10 years with the aim of becoming a “one stop shop” to cover accident repair to all commercial vehicles, to ensure your vehicles get back on the road as soon as possible.

Our expert staff work with market leading equipment and have been trained to repair mainstream commercial vehicles along with the most specialist of vehicles types.


We also undertake work on larger vehicles like this Mercedes Hymer motor home.

This was a brand new 100 thousand pounds vehicle with fairly severe damage on offside rear corner due to a reversing accident, tearing a hole into the rear panel & denting the side, we repair this using carbon fibre first & finally levelling off with a very fine finishing 2k stopper, primed & hand flatted ready for paint, we have these colours sourced by using a colour spectrometer camera which reads & measures the pigments of the colour on the vehicle, we then paint & blend & finally polish to finish. Motor home,s & caravan,s are notoriously difficult to repair & colour match & experience on this sort of work is needed !

We offer a wheel respray service which can give your alloys a refreshing facelift to bring them back to life!

We do kerbed & scuff repairs to full referbing, either back to original colour or choose from our thousands of colour cards, we can match virtually anything brought to us.

The Wheels below were painted in house of colour kandy apple red, prepared first & then painted in a course sliver ground coat before applying the kandy red with 2 coats of laquer, we have 15 years experience in painting kandys, flip peals & custom flake work.