Brand new 100 thousand pounds vehicle with fairly severe damage on offside rear corner due to a reversing accident, tearing a hole into the rear panel & denting the side, we repair this using carbon fibre first & finally levelling off with a very fine finishing 2k stopper, primed & hand flatted ready for paint, we have these colours sourced by using a colour spectrometer camera which reads & measures the pigments of the colour on the vehicle, we then paint & blend & finally polish to finish. Motor home,s & caravan,s are notoriously difficult to repair & colour match & experience on this sort of work is needed !

BMW 5 series

Bumper Repair

C&S ProSpray in Doncaster offer Bumper Repair service that can handle minor and major bumper repairs including cracks, tears, holes, scuffs and dents.
Traditionally, the two options to return your vehicle to showroom condition were either the expensive option of replacing the bar or the inconvenience of losing your vehicle for days to a panel shop.
From minor scuffs to more extensive cracks and dents, we can restore your cars value.
With most repairs costing less then your Insurance excess, contact us today to arrange a FREE quote.

Here is a sample of what we can do correct your bumper problem.

5 series BMW

This vehicle had a scuffed & cracked bumper corner. The customer had been given a quote from the local BMW dealers of just over £1400 for this job.

We removed the bumper & fastened the crack by inserting hot wire staples along the break, then from the front, carbon fibre paste is applied to give it strength & rigidity. We then added a fine layer of finishing filler before the bumper is painted & polished to finish.

We repaired this bumper for just over £200

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To see more galleries of our work, click here